International Pilates Heritage Congress


September 2-4, 2022




Due to COVID, our attendance will be very limited. Register early to assure your space.


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A Special Message from Kathy Corey

I am excited to announce the upcoming opening of registration for the
International Pilates Heritage Congress 2022 September 2–4

This year we celebrate being together after a long and difficult absence. Covid has affected our world and our profession, devastating us all. We have all been touched personally and professionally. This makes our Congress more important than ever – for us to share our difficulties, to support one another and to build our strength in unity and with heart-felt gratitude. Our Congress will follow all health safety protocols in place for September 2022. The Congress will limit the number of in-person attendees to keep everyone safe and healthy. This offers the opportunity to have an intimate reunion among friends and colleagues. I am working on adding a virtual part to the Congress for our Pilates community that will not be able to travel and be with us. I will keep you informed as plans confirm.

The Congress offers a time for learning, for healing and for embracing who we are in body, in mind, and in spirit.

Lolita San Miguel

(Founder and Creative Director)

New York-born Lolita San Miguel has been practicing the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning for over 50 years. She received her first certification from Carola Trier, Joseph Pilates’s first disciple to open her first studio, then trained and apprenticed with Joseph & Clara Pilates, and is one of the only two known practitioners to have been officially certified by them and awarded degrees by the State University of New York to teach the Pilates Method. One of the four “Distinguished Elders” of the Pilates Method Alliance, she has also been certified by Polestar Pilates Education and was awarded a PMA Gold Certificate. After a distinguished career in dance with several companies, she was a soloist with the Metropolitan Ballet for over ten years and ballet mistress for Ballet Hispanico for three years. Lolita moved with her husband to Puerto Rico in 1977, where she founded Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico, now Puerto Rico’s finest ballet company – and was its Artistic and Executive Director for 28 years. Ms San Miguel also founded Pilates y Mas, Inc. in Puerto Rico in 2000 to teach, train, and certify teachers in association with Polestar Pilates Education. She retired from Ballet Concierto in 2005 to dedicate more time to teach, train, and give conferences and seminars on the Pilates Method.
In 2005 She retired as Artistic Director of Ballet Concierto at age 70 and has since dedicated her time and energy to teaching The Pilates Method internationally. She also enjoys working as a presenter with Pilates on Tour, The Pilates Method Alliance and Internationally.
In 2009 she began a new phase as a teacher with the Lolita San Miguel Pilates Master Mentor Program. The two-year program for certified teachers with three years of teaching experience has brought her excellent, devoted teachers from all six continents. They bond beautifully since they are all truly passionate about The Pilates Method. They named themselves “Lolita’s DisciplesTM” and they will be imparting her legacy to many others through her training program. They bring her great joy!
In May 2009 she started her first Pilates Master Mentor Program group in Europe attended by teachers from Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Holland and Germany. During the course of the training we travelled to Mönchengladbach, Germany to celebrate Pilates Day at the Frederick The Great Hall with a free mat class attended by 150 persons from neighboring countries. She was shocked to learn that Joseph Pilates was not known in his hometown. The next year, Lolita celebrated another Pilates Day Conference at the Haus Erholung venue in Mönchengladbach with another free mat class attended by 250 persons. During this time, she was working with the town officials to find a site for a statue or plaque commemorating him.
One of the most memorable moments of Lolita's life occurred on May 7, 2011 when a large group of Pilates teachers, devotees, and her Disciples placed a plaque honoring Joseph Pilates at the site of his birth in Mönchengladbach. The unveiling of the plaque was performed by the Mayor of Mönchengladbach, the Honorable Norbert Bude and was attended by other officials as well as by Joseph Pilates’ great grandnephew Wolfgang Pilates, who still resides in the town. To Lolita's delight, now when you speak to the townspeople, they are aware of their renowned compatriot. Lolita also organized and celebrated in May, 2012 and 2013 the International Pilates Day Conference and a memorial ceremony at the site of the plaque. Since May, 2015 Pilates Day International Heritage Congress in Mönchengladbach has become an every other year event honoring Joseph Pilates in the town of his birth.
In 2005 Lolita moved from Puerto Rico to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida with her husband. She has a beautiful, large, and fully equipped studio within the facilities of Florida School for Dance Education at 4100 PGA Blvd. Palm Beach Gardens 33410. Here the Pilates Master Mentor Program and Lolita’s Legacy are taught by her, Disciples and teachers trained in Lolita’s Legacy.

Kathy Corey

(President, Board of Directors)

Kathy Corey is a Master Teacher who began her career with the Pilates Technique in 1979. She has been the leading expert in the Pilates community for nearly 40 years. She is the Director of Kathy Corey Pilates. Kathy Corey Pilates Programs are taught at locations across the United States and in over twenty seven countries worldwide. In 2004, she designed the innovative CORE Band™, which is used in studios around the world. The Core Band™ Mat Class is recognized as an enhancement to the traditional mat exercises.
Kathy Corey Pilates offers a progressive and in-depth educational experience through many levels of training. The Comprehensive Certification Program provides a full education of the Pilates repertoire. The KCP Mentor Program is a highly selective program designed for teachers who are already certified and have been teaching for at least five years. Her C.A.R.E.S. – Cancer Awareness and Recovery Exercise System – is a state of the art Pilates program for a variety of treatments and conditions to help people in their breast cancer recovery – in mind, body, and spirit.
She is on the Contributing Editor Board for IDEA Pilates Today and is an IDEA Expert. She has been selected by IDEA as one of ten people in the world “Who Inspire the World to Fitness,” the fitness industry’s highest form of recognition.
Kathy Corey is an Advisory Board Member for Pilates Style Magazine. She is a “Distinguished Instructor” for PilatesAnytime, a global Pilates Studio, created for people all over the world to explore Pilates with highly skilled, well-trained instructors.
Corey is a PMA Pilates Gold Certified Teacher and a PMA CEC provider. She is a member of the PMA Presenters Committee for the 2016 Conference.
In 2013, Corey received the first Plaque of Appreciation from Pilates in Asia for her outstanding performance and contribution to the growth of Pilates. In 2014, she was appointed as the President of the International Education Committee for Pilates in Asia.
Kathy Corey has accepted the position of President of the World Pilates Confederation. The WPC is a European based Pilates organization for the inclusion and support of the Pilates Method of all countries, all schools and all generations of pilates. The purpose of the organization is to promote quality education and promote global unity. Master Teacher Kathy Corey received the honor of becoming the President and Director of the International Pilates Heritage Congress held in Joseph Pilates hometown, Monchengladbach, Germany, which is known as the most prestigious International Pilates Congress in the world.

Board Members










Download schedule in PDF format

DayTimePresenter and Course TitleActivity and Course Description and Room
September 2
8:00 – 9:15 Kathy Corey REGISTRATION – ALL ATTENDEES
Pick up your name badge and welcome bag and meet and greet the attendees.
9:15 -9:45 Lolita San Miguel,Kathy Corey, Brett Howard, Jean Claude Nelson WELCOME CEREMONY
All attendees are invited to join Lolita San Miguel, Kathy Corey and the presenters to welcome you to Mönchengladbach.
10:00 - 12:00 MORNING CLASSES
Lolita San Miguel Matwork:
Building Blocks for Mat
Starting with Posture Check, Spine moves, Feet articulations, progressing to Pre-Pilates, Joseph Pilates exercises and ending with Post Pilates while standing and reaffirming the Perfect Pilates Posture.
Kathy Corey Studio Suite:
Master Class
The building blocks to teaching are addressed with the focus on how to identify clients issues and break down movements to suit each clients’ needs. Learn how to approach the movements with a deep understanding of how to apply the Pilates Technique for success in each session.
Room 1
Jean Claude Nelson Reformer:
"Head to Toe Reformer"
This workshop offers a unique approach in teaching Pilates by focusing on tactile cues. By learning efficient use of hand placement, we can maximize our students' understanding within the Pilates System and deepen their workout.
Room 2
Brett Howard Wunda Chair:
The Classical Pilates Chairs (Electric Chair and Wunda Chair)
Students will have the chance to learn the Classical Electric and Wunda Chair repertoire and deepen their knowledge about the two chairs. The workshop consists of exercises from basic to advanced and will include modifications, progressions, and advancements as well as considerations for special populations. Variations of the exercises from multiple of the Pilates Elders are included.
Room 3
12:00 – 1:30
(12:00 – 13:30)
1:30 – 3:30
(13:30 – 15:30)
Brett Howard Matwork:
Using Scaffolding in the Pilates Mat
Scaffolding is an education theory developed by Lev Vygostsky and Jerome Bruner, it is the provision of sufficient support to promote learning when concepts and skills are being first introduced to students. Supports are gradually removed as students develop autonomous learning strategies, thus promoting their own cognitive, affective and psychomotor learning skills and knowledge. In this workshop we will apply the theory of scaffolding to the Pilates Mat work, to use as a tool to meet the needs and create success for all of the participants of Pilates.
Lolita San Miguel Studio Suite:
A Little of Each
Joe’s Creative genius extended to apparatus he constructed himself where he applied much of his Mat work – Cadillac (Tower), Reformer, Chair, Ped o Pull, Magic Circle. We will visit them all for as long as time allows.
Room 1
Kathy Corey Reformer:
The Rotational Reformer
Look at ways to take original repertoire movements and change the dynamics of your workout with rotational movements on the reformer. These movements help to increase movement challenge and motivate students using flow of motion and innovative sequencing.
Room 2
Jean Clause Nelson Spine Corrector:
"Barrel Freestyle"
Using various barrels to free and open up articulations. Barrel workouts are fun and very efficient in treating thigh hips and shoulders.
Room 3
4:30 – 5:30
(16:30 - 17:30)
CEREMONY AT THE PLAQUE All attendees are invited to join the board and presenters for a special ceremony to honor Joseph Pilates at his birthplace.
Entryway Haus Erholung
5:30 – 7:00
(17:30 – 19:00)
Wine and Cheese Reception Presenters and board members invite all attendees to join them for the Reception in the Ballroom
September 3
9:00 – 11:00 Jean Claude Nelson Matwork:
"Rhythm and Dynamics a powerful Tool”
This workshop will focus on using rhythm and dynamics to challenge your Pilates practice on theMat. There is undeniable excitement and uplifting energy when “Rhythm and Dynamics” are incorporated. This will be a playful approach to keep your body trim and mind sharp.
Brett Howard Studio Suite:
The Pre Pilates workshop includes everything from the initial exposure to Contrology, exercises for special populations and for exercises for individuals with pre-existing conditions, who require enhancements prior to the complete Basic repertoire.
Room 1
Lolita san Miguel Reformer:
The Universal Reformer
Mr. Pilates thought of himself as a Universal Reformer and was convinced we would live in a better world, be healthier and happier if we were physically fit. He was right and we can all agree.
Room 2
Kathy Corey Ped I Pul:
Adding a Ped I Pul Program to your Classes
This simple and inexpensive original piece of equipment adds value to every program and everybody at all fitness levels. The program of exercises includes upper body work, spinal articulation, deep abdominal work, and leg and footwork. Since these exercises are done standing, they improve balance and agility as well as strength and flexibility.
Room 3
11:15 - 12:30 RoundTable
12:30 – 2:00
(12:30 - 14:00)
2:00 – 5:00
(14:00 - 17:00)
Kathy Corey Matwork:
Matwork: Pilates Flexibility VS Stability
This course addresses the assessment of both hyper-mobility and rigidity and how to correct problems and imbalances. The class helps you to correctly balance core movements and functionally re-train core and spinal muscles. The class teaches how to modify movements for the individual needs of each client and provide the essential support to maximize and stabilize the movements through a complete program of exercises. Get an in-depth understanding of how to approach the same exercises with a different focus to achieve different results.
Jean Claude Nelson Studio Suite:
"Working with Imbalances”
Muscle and skeletal imbalances leading to postural dysfunction are very common problems. Jean Claude will look at how to address the body to correct movement patterns on various Pilates apparatus.
Room 1
Brett Howard Reformer:
Deepen your Understanding on the Universal Reformer
Students will have the chance to learn the Classical repertoire and deepen their knowledge about the exercises on the Universal Reformer. In the workshop participants learn various approaches of scaffolding and deconstructing the Pilates Reformer exercises. Students will learn how to recognize the skills involved in the Reformer exercises and then find ways of strengthening the particular skills.
Room 2
Lolita San Miguel Wunda Chair:
It’s a Wonder
The Pilates Chair is a “wonder” indeed from doubling as a piece of furniture to being one of his most difficult yet simple apparatus. Easier to transport and by adding handles and increasing its challenge.
Room 3
6:00 – 10:00
(18:00 - 22:00)
DINNER WITH THE PRESENTERS Attendees are invited to join the presenters for dinner and a party
September 4
LOLITA’S BODY WALK All attendees are invited to come to this activity.
Entryway Haus Erholung
9:00 – 11:00 MORNING CLASSES
Brett Howard Matwork:
The Classical Mat Repertoire
Students will have the chance to learn the Classical Mat repertoire and deepen their knowledge about the Mat. The workshop addresses the original 34 Mat exercises from Joseph Pilates but also the extended Mat order by Romana Kryzanowska. The workshop consists of exercises from basic to advanced and will include modifications, progressions and advancements as well as considerations for special populations. Variations of the exercises from multiple of the Pilates Elders are included.
Lolita san Miguel Studio Suite:
A Little of Each
Joe’s Creative genius extended to apparatus he constructed himself where he applied much of his Mat work – Cadillac (Tower), Reformer, Chair, Ped o Pull, Magic Circle. We will visit them all for as long as time allows.
Room 1
Jean Claude Nelson Reformer:
“Stay Connected”
In this workshop we will bring our attention to the proper execution of each movement and fine-tuning details with exercises of the intermediate Reformer repertoire. Our main focus will be on learning to keep a constant connection to our center during the exercises and the transitions.
Room 2
Kathy Corey Spine Corrector:
Functional Training for the Spine : Spine Correctors and Asymmetrical Movement
This course addresses spinal imbalances from functional to structural and teaches how to assess core misalignments. Flexion, extension, side bending, and rotational movements are explored with breath work to correctly balance core movements. This class helps you to develop an understanding of dynamic alignment and asymmetrical patterning to functionally re-train core and spinal muscles. The Spine Corrector provides the essential support to maximize dimensional rotation of the spine through its varied ranges of motion.
Room 3
11:15 – 12:15 All Attendees Meet in entryway Haus Erholung for a walking tour of Joseph Pilates homes
12:15 – 1:30
(12:15 – 13:30)
1:30 – 3:30
(13:30 - 15:30)
Lolita san Miguel Matwork:
Building Blocks for Mat
Starting with Posture Check, Spine moves, Feet articulations, progressing to Pre-Pilates, Joseph Pilates exercises and ending with Post Pilates while standing and reaffirming the Perfect Pilates Posture.
Brett Howard Studio Suite:
Skill Acquisition, Development and Progressions of Exercises in Pilates
In this workshop students will view a selection of Pilates exercises and examine the movement skills involved in the exercises, recognize like skills in other exercises, develop strategies to build on top of the skills and identify various progressions of the exercise.
Room 1
Kathy Corey Reformer:
Reformer – Foot, Leg and Pelvis: How to create Alignment through Movement
Alignment and more importantly structural misalignments affect everything from the way we stand, to the way we lift and carry objects to how we exercise.  The importance of how we begin to perform movements and adjust to inner imbalances affects not only the outcome of the exercise session but all daily activities.
Room 2
Jean Claude Nelson Magic Circle:
"The Ring of Fire”
Feel the burning connection to your powerhouse with every move you make. Introducing the Magic Circle to your mat workout does not only increase the intensity but also builds up a stronger connectivity of the entire body.
Room 3
3:45 – 4:30
(15:45 - 16:30)

Download schedule in PDF format



Lolita San Miguel


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Jean-Claude Nelson



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