Maria Earle

Maria Earle is a seasoned Pilates educator with a wealth of experience in the industry. Her journey began in 1997 when she completed the comprehensive Advanced Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Center (Colorado, USA). Since then, her approach to Pilates has undergone a profound evolution, shaped by years of dedicated practice and enriched mentorship under her teacher Kathleen Stanford Grant with whom she studied with for thirteen years while living in New York City. This unique experience deeply ingrained in her a rich understanding of the Pilates method, ultimately influencing her teaching philosophy.

While deeply rooted in the classical Pilates lineage, Maria's perspective is consistently broadened by her immersion in contemporary movement science and inspiration from diverse viewpoints. Maria's ongoing exploration of the method is a testament to her dedication to enhancing her own practice and sharing this knowledge with fellow Pilates professionals.

With an unwavering dedication to advancing the practice and instruction of Pilates, Maria opened her first Pilates studio in New York City in 2001. This studio thrived for eight years before her relocation to Barcelona, Spain where she established her second studio. Currently residing in a small town outside Barcelona, Maria continues to expand her impact by providing both online and in-person continuing education courses to the global Pilates community.

A sought after movement educator, Maria is known for her adept problem-solving, clear instructional approach, and engaging teaching style that infuses playfulness into the learning process. At the core of her teaching philosophy lies a firm belief that effective teaching is marked by fostering the unique potential within each student. Maria has presented her work at prestigious training centers and conferences worldwide, including Pilates On Tour, The Pilates Method Alliance, Body Control Pilates, and The Pilates Foundation. She has also been featured as a guest teacher on Pilates Anytime, and in Pilates Style Magazine.