Miguel Silva

Born in the city of Porto, Portugal, Miguel Silva inherited from an early age his father’s taste for physical activity.

While pursuing his outdoor sports, Miguel also experienced indoor activities which included Bodypump, Bodycombat, Balancedbody, Step Aerobics, and gym.

During his two years in the UK, Miguel started the practice of Yoga, increasing his interests in the body with an entirely different concept from his regular fitness regime.

When back in Portugal (where he first experienced the Pilates Method), Miguel began his studies in Alternative Medicine, specializing in Shiatsu, Japanese massage technique, then later settled in Seville, Spain, perfecting the technique.

Through the practice of Pilates, he has improved his surfing and practically eliminated the consistent pain in his lower back.

He then met the School of Authentic Pilates (Romana Kryzanowska's lineage) and successfully completed his training with flying colours. Following this, he was invited him to be part of the Authentic Pilates training program and help to expand the brand.

Miguel is very passionate about Pilates, a respected member of the industry, owner of The Uno Pilates Studio - teaching director and master trainer.

Uno Pilates School Founder and Director of Uno Pilates School Algarve & Zurich

Pilates Studio Owner and Founder
2007- 2018 Universo Pilates Sevilla
2009 - Uno Pilates School
2018 - Uno Pilates Studio Lagos
2019 - Uno Pilates Studio Zurich

International guest lecturer
Guest lecturer at conferences and workshops around the world (Brazil, Australia, Switzerland, England, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel, USA, Denmark, Poland)

Presenter and Organizer
2017 - Oporto Conference
2018 - Pilatesology Camp - Vintage Pilates at Uno Pilates Studio
2019 - Workshop Fernando Sadir Universo Pilates Seville
2020 / 2023 - Workshop Fernando Sadir - Uno Pilates Lagos
2023 - Workshop Sonjé Mayo - Uno Pilates Zurich

Pilates Education
2006 - Certified by Orthos Spain - Mat, Advanced Mat and Studio
2011 - Certified by Authentic Pilates Spain ( APS), 2nd Generation- Romana Kryzanowska's lineage
2016 - Certified by the prestigious Los Angeles studio Vintage Pilates Studio - " The Work" under the tutelage of Jay Grimes himself.