Murielle Pickard-Dellis

After 13 years working in financial markets in London and in the luxury goods sector in Paris, Murielle moved to Switzerland in her late 30’s and decided to take a « break » to look after her young children. Years of stressful desk jobs and constantly being on high heels, as well as two complicated pregnancies, left her feeling disconnected from her own body. It was serendipity that in 2007 she enrolled for a class in Pilates, which she never had heard of before. Her introduction to Pilates led her to discover a new philosophy and a new lifestyle. The Pilates method immediately had an impact on her body, her well-being but also on her mind. It became her passion.

After initial training in Switzerland with the Pilates Institute, she pursed her studies in the USA. In September 2016 she completed the two-year Pilates Master Mentor Program under the supervision of world-renowned Master Teacher Lolita San Miguel (who had been trained and certified directly by Joseph Pilates). In June 2017 she also completed the KCP Mentor program for Postgraduate Eduction with Master Teacher Kathy Corey, who is recognised as one of the world’s foremost and most influential Pilates figures.

Murielle further specialised in teaching Pilates programs for pre- and post-natal mothers, for people with various back conditions and for the rehabilitation of breast cancer patients (the latter developed by Master Teacher Kathy Corey in collaboration with specialists at the San Diego Hospital). She also dedicated ten years to teaching Pilates in Geneva to competitive swimmers, several of whom have represented Switzerland at international and Olympic level. In 2019 Murielle was invited by Master Teacher Kathy Corey to join her team of Teacher Educators who will pass on her immense and invaluable knowledge of the Pilates method.

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