Ricardo Jaramillo


Ricardo Jaramillo (PMA® CPT No. 11130), is a Pilates Teacher Trainer, and teaches both in his homeland Spain and abroad. He is also founder and director of “Nature Pilates Studio” and “Nature Pilates Education” located in the heart of Madrid (Spain). His Teacher Training Program is taught in Spain, Portugal and Perú both by Ricardo himself and his faculties. He also teaches Seminars internationally, including countries such as Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Peru and Chile.

He graduated in Physical Education, got a Degree in Structural Osteopathy and later received his first Pilates Certification by Power Pilates, being his teacher trainer Javier Bseiso (PMA Gold Certified / PMA Pioneer). Before long Ricardo Jaramillo became a Pilates Teacher Trainer and teacher of human anatomy at the Pilates Wellness and Energy, PW&E, education program. So far he has never stopped learning. He has attended seminars led by prominent teachers such as Jean Claude Nelson, Brett Howard, Kathy Corey, Alan Herdman, Rael Isacowitz, Mary Bowen, Ron Fletcher, Kyria Sabin, Madeleine Black, Deborah Lessen, Rebeca Leone, Brent Anderson, Dawn­Marie Ickes, Sherri Betz and Lolita San Miguel.

Today, his personal understanding of Pilates is recognized by professionals as a renewing perspective that takes a step further into the understanding of the human body movement, providing students with analysis tools for their development as professionals of Pilates.