Kathy Corey

Kathy Corey is a Master Teacher who began her career with the Pilates Technique in 1979. She has been the leading expert in the Pilates community for nearly 40 years. She is the Director of Kathy Corey Pilates. Kathy Corey Pilates Programs are taught at locations across the United States and in over twenty seven countries worldwide. In 2004, she designed the innovative CORE Band™, which is used in studios around the world. The Core Band™ Mat Class is recognized as an enhancement to the traditional mat exercises.
Kathy Corey Pilates offers a progressive and in-depth educational experience through many levels of training. The Comprehensive Certification Program provides a full education of the Pilates repertoire. The KCP Mentor Program is a highly selective program designed for teachers who are already certified and have been teaching for at least five years. Her C.A.R.E.S. – Cancer Awareness and Recovery Exercise System – is a state of the art Pilates program for a variety of treatments and conditions to help people in their breast cancer recovery – in mind, body, and spirit.
She is on the Contributing Editor Board for IDEA Pilates Today and is an IDEA Expert. She has been selected by IDEA as one of ten people in the world “Who Inspire the World to Fitness,” the fitness industry’s highest form of recognition.
Kathy Corey is an Advisory Board Member for Pilates Style Magazine. She is a “Distinguished Instructor” for PilatesAnytime, a global Pilates Studio, created for people all over the world to explore Pilates with highly skilled, well-trained instructors.
Corey is a PMA Pilates Gold Certified Teacher and a PMA CEC provider. She is a member of the PMA Presenters Committee for the 2016 Conference.
In 2013, Corey received the first Plaque of Appreciation from Pilates in Asia for her outstanding performance and contribution to the growth of Pilates. In 2014, she was appointed as the President of the International Education Committee for Pilates in Asia.
Kathy Corey has accepted the position of President of the World Pilates Confederation. The WPC is a European based Pilates organization for the inclusion and support of the Pilates Method of all countries, all schools and all generations of pilates. The purpose of the organization is to promote quality education and promote global unity. Master Teacher Kathy Corey received the honor of becoming the President and Director of the International Pilates Heritage Congress held in Joseph Pilates hometown, Monchengladbach, Germany, which is known as the most prestigious International Pilates Congress in the world.
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Matwork-Focus on Alignment Reformer, Cadillac & Wunda Chair- Advanced Progressions Functional Training for the Spine Pilates Reformer- Flexibility vs Stability