Joakim Valsinger

Joakim is a Lolita San Miguel disciple having graduated from her Pilates Master Mentor Program in 2015. He runs a Pilates studio in Perth Scotland where he lives with his wife and baby daughter. Joakim was the first person in the UK to become an Educator for Lolita’s Legacy, Comprehensive Pilates teacher Training.
A Swedish born Australian, Joakim came to the UK in 1998. He is a former Australian Army Reserve SF Commando, Bondi Beach Surf Life Saver and Territorial Army Physical Training Instructor. Joakim is an award winning fitness instructor having received the prestigious Spirit of Flame award for his work with British Military Fitness as recognition for his dedication to getting more people more active more often.
Joakim makes regular trips overseas as a Fitness Instructor and guest Pilates Instructor. He has lead the ‘Exercise Active Archipelago’ a Boot Camp style fitness challenge series on a remote island in Sweden, and taught at SunFit, a fitness retreat for British Military Fitness, as well as the beautiful Pilates & Yoga Retreat AzulFit, both on Fuerte Ventura.
A Military background is relatively unusual in the Pilates industry and Joakim manages to combine the physical and mental fitness techniques used in the Military with the mind-body awareness and sensitivity that can be found in the Pilates Method. Many of the techniques and strategies used in training of Military personnel are very useful in the setting of a Pilates Studio and Joakim hopes to share as much as he can from his experiences and observations.

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