Patricia da Cruz


Owner and Director of Pilates Studio Luxembourg since 2008.

Born and raised in Lisbon, (Portugal) she had a passion for dance, performing and mouvement since she was able to walk. Since then she's done her 'parcour' in theather & dance and graduated in 1997 from the Superior Dance School of Lisbon. Immediately after that she moved to Luxembourg where she started to teach Contemporary Dance & Choreography. In Luxembourg, Patricia got involved with the world of Fitness where she developed her skills of teaching and started practicing Pilates by herself. In 2005, after her pregnancy she started her certification with Pilates Institute in Lisbon under the tutelage of Ana Luis Martins.

In 2012, she went to London and became a Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist with the Pink Ribbon Program following that in 2013 she commenced her Tutor Training with Michael King, MKPilates in Barcelona.

The passion for Pilates has taken her around a lot of different kinds of trainings in the past years including the Pilates Heritage in 2015. For Patricia everyday is a “learning experience”...

Her approach to Pilates is enhanced through the body's conscience and movement whilst respecting & listening to it.

She has been honored as Ambassador for Luxembourg for the International Congress Pilates Heritage 2017 for the first time.

Patricia would be thrilled to help you have this amazing experience possible in Mönchengladbach, so come and join Pilates Heritage!