Lynn Grandjean


I am very pleased and honored to be your ambassador for the International Congress Pilates Heritage in 2019.

Lynn was born in Malaysia and grew up in Australia, where she had a very active outdoor life. She studied at the University of Western Australia and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce, and begun her career in the world of finance. Her jobs took her from Singapore to New York to London with vast travels in between.

In 2002, she moved to Geneva and started a family. After her second child, a friend recommended Pilates as that is what all the superstars do after giving birth! She was captivated from the first class, and was puzzled how some exercises looked so easy and yet were so difficult. After many years of practising Pilates, she began to be frustrated as her teachers could not explain to her certain questions she had about Pilates. She then decided to study Pilates to better understand it.

In 2007 she began to study Pilates with Pilates Institute Genève. Here she learnt the mechanics of Pilates, but there was a nagging feeling that there was more and that she was only scratching the surface. It was at this time that she encounted Iva Mazzoleni, and her feelings were confirmed - Pilates with its depth can go significantly further than just a series of exercises.

It was only then the real Pilates journey started. Lynn completed a 14 month mentorship under Iva which finally shone the light on the depth and ingenuity of Pilates. It was only during this mentorship that she connected her Body-Mind-Spirit. Lynn finally felt Pilates and she finally experienced the profoundness of the method. Not only did her Pilates change, but Pilates changed her way of being.

Thirsty for more, she continued with further workshops with Kathy Corey, Brett Howard, Madeline Black, Blossom Crawford and Anthony Lett and was exposed to the Pilates elder and 1st Generation Master teacher - Lolita San Miguel. Eventually she was accepted into 'Lolita's Pilates Master Mentorship Program' and obtained the diploma of the 2nd generation instructor.

Lolita passed on to her the 3 pillars of Joseph Pilates teachings - Perservence, Practice and Patience. She is motivated to share her knowledge with clients and future teachers so they can grasp the depth and magic of Pilates.

Lynn is the creator of the 'Pilates and Me’ card game that can be easily used in the classroom by teachers and at home by parents. A fun, easy way to introduce Pilates movements to the young.