Li Xin


Li Xin Pilates

•Li Xin is the founder of Li Xin Pilates

•Founder of Chinese Style Pilates

•The First 5-Star Personal Trainer in China

•Founded the first Golf Pilates Training System in China

•The First Rehabilitation Trainer in China

•Certified in AMCT Spine Care

•Chief Trainer of LiXin Pilates Training Academy

•20 Years Experience in Private Training

LiXin Pilates Training Academy was founded in year 2008. Nearly 100,000 personal trainers have been trained under our academy.

LiXin Pilates provides a complete pilates teacher training series as below:

•M0 Pilates Group Class Series

•M1 Pilates Private Trainer Series

•M2 Elite Pilates Private Trainer Series

•M3 Pilates Small Equipment Series

•M4 Pilates Machines- Reformer & Cadillac Series

•M5 Sales Training for Private Trainer

•M6 Pre and Post Natal, Rehabilitation Series

•M7 Spine Care Series

•M8 LiXin Pilates Master Conference

•M9 Golf Pilates

•M10 Aquatic Pilates

LiXin Pilates is the biggest training academy in Asia and has more than 80 franchise Stores all over Asia.