Katia Hammouche


I am very pleased and honored to be your ambassador for the International Congress Pilates Heritages in 2017.

Mönchengladbach is a symbolic place to come together and I hope to help make this experience unique to you.

The advantage of this gathering by delegation is to encourage communication and contact both within each group and between the various international communities: to share what brings us together, our differences, share experiences and learn from each other.

It also aims to facilitate living conditions as well as moving to Congress by grouping us or by mutualizing our means of transport.

For my part, I hope many of you will join me so that we share our passion for Pilates, its teaching and its history between us and with excellent teachers present at the congress.

If you want to join us, please register online at www.pilates-heritages.com and checkout through paypal by selecting the price via an ambassador (mention your country and my name, Katia Hammouche, next on the registration form).

Contact me by phone or email to see if sharing transport is possible depending on your place of departure and to regroup in a hotel on site, (or even if you are interested in room sharing with another participant to reduce costs)

Do not hesitate to register on the website and make early contact to get the best rates possible and so that we can offer you the best possible arrangements. Looking forward to sharing all these three days full of new experiences.

Katia Hammouche


Katia Hammouche runs Pilates Studio Strasbourg since its opening in 2010. Former athlete, it was natural that her search for a comprehensive training method, which respects the body, leads to the practice of Pilates.

She went to train in Switzerland Pilates Institute, a contemporary school, to improve her own practice and understanding of the principles of the method. Learning from internationally renowned instructors increases her interest in Pilates. She went, moreover, continuous training with Pilates Institute but also looks to more traditional approaches of the method. She has been over a year in a mentorship program with Iva Mazzoleni, second-generation teacher. This training allows her to meet and work with Lolita San Miguel, Mary Bowen, Kathy Corey...

Finally, she is also studying the Pilates repertoire through the concept of Anatomy Trains of Tom Myers (CPM Education (Contrology Pilates Method)) and this unique map where the body is seen as an intense myofascial network connections.

She was in a mentoring program over 18 months with Iva Mazzoleni, disciple of Mrs. Lolita San Miguel. After spending a lot of time to "understand" and "learn" Katia used that experience to better integrate the method through learning based primarily on experimentation.

Accompanied by Iva Mazzoleni, she meets and discovers more work and approach of Lolita San Miguel, Mary Bowen, Kathy Corey ... Her desire to return to the roots of the method and the wish to have the honor of being educated by Mrs. Lolita San Miguel pushes her to apply for the "Pilates Master Mentor Program" in 2015. This unique experience made her completely believe in the approach of Lolita San Miguel and the desire to help in her “legacy" program for new teachers. Following the mentorship, she became a second-generation teacher and an educator for "Lolita's Legacy" program which she considers one of the best program currently on the market in terms of pedagogy.

Katia has been for ten years in charge of public health studies. Initially formed in Demography and Sociology, she is interested thereafter to psychology. She is now pilates teacher and clinical psychologist.