Joakim Valsinger


Joakim Valsinger is an award winning Fitness Instructor and the founder of Bälans Pilates Studio, in Perth, Scotland. He is a former Australian Army Reserve Commando, and Physical Training Instructor with the British Army Reserves. Joakim is a Disciple of Lolita San Miguel, as well as an educator for Lolita’s Legacyᵀᴹ. He has been teaching Pilates since 2004, having trained with the Pilates Foundation and Body Control Pilates in the UK, before completing the two year Pilates Master Mentor Program with Lolita San Miguel in 2015.

A Swedish born Australian, Joakim came to the UK in 1998. He first became interested in Pilates for the sake of vanity back in Oz. He’d met a guy whose only exercise was Pilates who looked ten years younger than his real age of 45 and thought ‘I want some of that’. At his first Pilates Matwork class he was blown away by the possibilities of the Method when he first encountered the Press Up. Joakim was at this stage a qualified Paratrooper and Special Forces Commando and thought he knew a thing or two about doing push ups, but he was swiftly brought down to earth when he shook and sweated and failed long before the more Pilates experienced small framed women around him.

Joakim trained to become a Pilates teacher to broaden his knowledge and found himself unusual in a predominantly dancer’s world. Fortunately, not all clients are dancers and Joakim has learned to make an asset of his Military background and training building a strong following at his Pilates Studio and abroad on Fitness and Pilates specific ‘bootcamps’.

Adapting to the task at hand Joakim aims to combine the physical and mental fitness techniques used in the Military with the mind-body awareness and sensitivity of the Pilates Method. Many of the techniques and strategies used in training of Military personnel are very useful in the setting of a Pilates Studio and Joakim tries to share as much as he can from his experiences and observations.