Ilham Aouad


Owner and operator of the 7g Pilates&co studio in Geneva, Ilham is passionate about the human body in motion.

Her knowledge combined with her exceptional intuition are a winning combination that will surpass your expectations.

Ilham’s enthusiasm, positive attitude and generosity make her a unique coach, always attentive to your needs.

I love my work. Every student is unique, I look at each session as a learning opportunity and in that sense it is extremely rewarding. I am always listening and observing the body in front of me, it speaks to me, and so, every class is a silent conversation between the student and myself. My work is constantly evolving and I am constantly learning and consider it critical to always be a student. For that reason, on top of receiving my Pilates certification from the Pilates Institute of Geneva where I became a member of the examination board and a certified trainer until 2015, I also since trained with such pilates masters and mentors as Michael King and  kathy Corey. That same year, I joined the Lolita San Miguel Mentorship Program where I became a 2nd generation teacher, and I am currently completing my postgraduate program with Kathy Corey.

Ilham was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco.  From an early age, she trained and competed in ballet and jazz. She then moved to Canada and earned her bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Montreal (HEC) in 1994, and had a very short and unfulfilling stint in corporate life. She went on to audition and join the dance department of the Université du Québec à Montréal where she perfected her dance training. Life then made her move to the United States, France and Switzerland.

My life experiences and my travels are reflected in the person I became, forever curious, open and “culturally rich” , This wealth is translated into my work as a coach. Beyond my knowledge and strong technical background that I have acquired working with my great teachers from around the world; it is by listening very attentively to my students and observing and identifying all the nuances of the human body and by trusting my intuition that I thrive. I find it extremely rewarding to help my clients achieve their goals, whether recovering from injury, improving their posture and alignment, or by strengthening both their body and soul. I recently worked with a young teenager presenting a severe form of developmental coordination disorder known as dyspraxia, and the incredible and promising results we’ve achieved together are encouraging me to push  the barrier of Pilates and change the perceptions it receives in the world.

My motto in life is : When there is a will there is a way, with a positive attitude, a strong relationship of trust between client and coach, anything is possible and together we can achieve it.


Ilham is perfectly bilingual in English and French.