Heikki Lempiäinen


Heikki Lempiäinen is a pilates instructor from Helsinki, Finland. He holds a Master´s degree in music (music education, music therapy and music and movement) from Sibelius Academy and a Dance and Movement Therapist degree from Theatre Academy Helsinki. Before pilates he worked as a music therapist and a lecturer for music education programs for over twenty years.

Heikki first got his pilates instructor certification from the Somatic Center Finland. He taught pilates in the Somatic Studio and Pilates Wing studio. In August 2016 has just opened his own dream come true studio in Pikku Huopalahti, Helsinki. He also works as a teacher trainer for the Finnish Institute of Health and Fitness. The passion for pilates has taken Heikki around a lot in the past few years. He has taken part of many continuing education seminars and classes around Europe and US.