Iva Mazzoleni

Iva Mazzoleni is the founder of the French Pilates Alliance and Lolita San Miguels Disciple and Educator.
Iva discovered the Pilates method due to a sport-caused injury (formerly competitive diver) in 2001 in a physiotherapy practice in Sydney (Australia). Fascinated by the ingenuity and efficiency of the Pilates method, Iva chose to pursue a fully comprehensive Pilates Training when she returned to Europe in 2004 with Michael King and furthermore with Polestar in 2012.
Since 2006, Iva had the privilege to work for 7 years as an Educator for the Swiss Pilates Institute in Geneva and now since 2014 for Lolita's Legacy Program. Being extremely interested in the method, getting more and more passionate about her Pilates path, Iva continued further her education, wanting to know more about the Pilates Legacy work. That was, when Iva got very lucky to meet her dear teachers Lolita San Miguel, Kathy Corey and Mary Bowen, with whom she trained, who all deeply impacted her teaching and her knowledge about the spirit of the method.
Today, after more than 13 years of experience in the Pilates field, Iva teaches Pilates to her clients in her own Pilates center in Lausanne (Pilates Alliance), Switzerland, thrusting as a Pilates consultant in different establishments and continuing to transmit her true passion for the Pilates method to future teachers in Switzerland and abroad through her French Pilates Alliance created in 2013.