Brett Miller

Norway, Sweden


Brett started his professional life in the world of ballet, working with various companies in the US. Later on he moved to New York and branched out into modern along with the ballet. Since then, he has lived in Finland and now in Stockholm Sweden.
Brett became a Pilates instructor in 2006 after having received a full certification from Stott Pilates, and has been teaching ever since at his home base in Stockholm. His classes are known to be challenging and inspiring, with a strong emphasis on working the intellect. Brett challenges his students to go beyond the physical exercise to develop a deeper wisdom of the whole being. Brett travels as a guest teacher in such cities as London, Oslo and Göteborg.
In March 2013, Brett founded Pilates Intel (, the weekly Pilates magazine that has become highly popular with thousands of Pilates professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. The intelligent technique that Pilates is, and the chance to continue to be physical, attracted Brett to this Pilates after being so long in the dance world. Along with teaching Pilates, Brett also works on a consultant basis as a software developer.

Ambassador's letter

I am so very pleased to have been chosen to be an ambassador for Sweden and Norway, I hope to encourage as many individuals as possible to join me for a memorable time in Monchengladbach to sharing our passion for the Pilates Heritage and also to have a great time with others from around the world.

I personally am very excited about the program, as there are many of the best teachers in the world gathered in one place to give quality teaching. I am sure that all who attend will deepen their passion and understanding of Pilates.

I will soon make travel arrangements for a round trip from Stockholm to Düsseldorf, along with the transfer to Mönchengladbach. If you live elsewhere, please contact me via email, so I can organize the transfer for you and a hotel room at the special congress rate (let me know if you wish to stay in a single room or share your room with an other participant to limit your costs) To be able to benefit from the best possible deals in terms of travel and hotel, please register and get in touch as soon as you can with me and latest by the 1st march 2015.