Aeryn Chong Wan Jing


Aeryn Chong Wan Jing

• Founder of Bhūmi Lifestyle Malaysia

• Certified M2 Advanced Pilates Personal Trainer by LiXin Pilates

• Certified Pre and Post-natal Pilates Teacher by Li Xin Pilates

My exposure to pilates has transformed my life in a healthier and blissful manner.

With diligent practice of pilates, I am able to strengthen my physical health and core muscle. Apart from physical changes, blending pilates into my life also helps me in dealing with stress and achieving emotional balance.

I hope that with all my experience and knowledge that I have gained throughout the years, I will be able to deliver the correct methods and knowledge on pilates to all my beloved students so that each one of them can enjoy the benefits of pilates practice and make it part of their daily life too.